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Meet Jenny

A Bit About Me

For decades I’ve been providing dentists and teams with the necessary tools, techniques and communication skills needed to create a successful dental practice. With five million miles just on American Airlines, I share the JdSG Method to all parts of the globe. Within the National Speakers Association, I work with professional speakers providing needed skills to have a successful professional speaking career.
I moved from London to San Francisco, via NYC. I did not seek out dentistry-it found me. I married Edmond de St. Georges two weeks after his graduation from UOP. With no background in dentistry, I was thrown into managing our practice from day one. No patients, no dental experience. It was sink or swim time! Some years later, I signed up for a practice management course. I felt I knew more than the speaker. The rest is history. For the next five years I ran my own public seminars across the country before I was invited to speak to the Dental Association market.

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The Jenny Program

Jennifer de St. Georges has gained a loyal following as a speaker who delivers practical and logical solutions for dentistry’s major management issues. Her strong communication skills, delivered with her unique sense of humor, and supported by detailed workbooks, are key to every Jenny Program. The first non-dentist to be appointed to Dentistry Today’s Contributing Editors Board, she ensures her problem-solving solutions include pro-active management tools to eliminate future problems.

Jennifer de St. Georges
the whole story

Jennifer de St Georges has developed a strong global reputation for providing dentists and their teams bottom line and logical solutions to solving complex dental management issues. Audiences love her content driven Programs delivered in her fast-paced, humorous, and motivating style. Meeting planners appreciate her multiple Programs, allowing them the ability to customize some Programs for their Group’s specific needs. This flexibility allows Meetings to book her for multiple days and ongoing return visits. She has spoken for one Dental School’s Continuing Education Program 38 times!

Jenny places special focus on helping dentists and teams raise their level of practice/patient oral and written communication. Jenny supports all her Programs with detailed workbooks. Attendees relish this take-home tool to assist them to revisit their notes, plan and implement her Program solutions. Jenny was the first non-dentist to be appointed by Dentistry Today to their Editorial Board: which carried her practice management articles monthly for 4 1/2 years. She has twice been invited by Dentistry Today to write for their Viewpoint opinion column. She is an Honorary Fellow of the International Academy for Dental-Facial Esthetics.

A member of the National Speakers Association since 1983, Jenny is regularly booked by NSA and its affiliate global Organizations, to educate both career and emerging speakers, on growing their speaking business. Born and raised in the UK, Jenny has been based in the San Francisco Bay area for over four decades.

Jenny Has…

…given over 1,000 programs on five continents, in 17 countries
…presented for 8 Fedération Dentaire Internationale Global meetings (FDI)
…been featured at most USA National, State and Regional dental meetings
…over 350 published articles