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All programs are customizable according to time constraints and intended audience. We highly recommend choosing the full day option to get the most bang for your buck.

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Building a Referral Practice in Today’s Internet-Driven World

Promised Outcomes: Techniques and concepts to maximize the Internet’s impact on your practice. How to build patient loyalty and create practice ambassadors. Develop the telephone into the huge practice builder it should be. A check list to gauge your facility through your patients’ eyes.

  • Leveraging the Internet
  • Referral Patient Program
  • New Patient Experience
  • Lost Patient Recovery
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Communicate Financially
Educating Patients on Their Financial Responsibilities

Promised Outcomes: Educate 3rd party covered patients regarding their financial responsibilities, how written Financial Agreements eliminate surprises. Maximize opportunities: telephone Shoppers and 2nd opinion callers, offer a practice. Achieve lower Accounts Receivables.

  • Websites and Telephones
  • The Financial Discussion
  • Educate Insurance Patients
  • ARM. DR. Is Not a Bank
  • Practice Accounting
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Scheduling by Design
Reduce Stress, Increase Production, Run on Time!

Promised Outcomes: Attendees learn techniques to handle major scheduling issues: Emergencies, No Shows, Cancel Short Notice, late patients, practice runs late. Requests for end of day and after school appointments. Harness clinical staff’s expertise to enhance a team approach to scheduling needs.

  • Scheduling Strategies
  • Scheduling Obstacles
  • Continuing Care Program
  • Clinical Team’s Role
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HR: How to Attract, Maintain and Grow a Great Team
Doctor and Spouse Program Only

Promised Outcomes: Delivers structure, systems and legal knowledge needed to hire and grow the dental team. Special emphasis placed on communication skills dentist/owners need to reduce doctor/staff misunderstandings, surprises and legal vulnerability. To protect the Program’s integrity, attendance is limited to dentists and spouse.

The Program is not open to staff

  • Hire for Retention
  • Manage for Harmony
  • Address Problems Promptly
  • Handling Payroll
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Blueprint for Success
The Practice Management Plan for Practice Growth and Financial Stability

Promised Outcomes: A Master Plan to identify, address and solve major management issues on wide range of subjects. A unique one day Program compiled from her programs. This program is a compilation of Jenny’s four programs, focusing on major issues.

  • Marketing in Today’s World
  • Exceeding New Patient Expectations
  • Financial “Close the Deal”
  • Effective Scheduling
  • Building Staff Morale and a Happy Team
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The Business of Dentistry
A Personal Perspective from a Seasoned Professional

Promised Outcomes: Jenny shares her thoughts and explores the most critical-to-success topics, including:

  • The New Dentist, The Final Year Dental Student, Associates
  • New Practice Startup and Practice Transitions
  • Spouses Working Together and Working with Family Members
  • Dentist as the HR Manager and Hiring for Longevity
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