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Building a Referral Practice in Today’s Internet-Driven World

Program Overview: Healthcare marketing is very focused on Social Media, online reviews and website search engine optimization (SEO). Marketing that leverages online strategies and tools may bring people to your door. Outstanding communication skills, customer service and delivering clinical excellence builds patient loyalty and creates a referral practice. Increasing your patient treatment acceptance rate is essential for building future growth and financial stability. The practice not listening to patients develops a revolving door type of practice and needs to continually invest in marketing just to keep the schedule filled.

Promised Outcomes: Techniques and concepts to maximize the impact of online strategies and tools on your practice. How to build patient loyalty and create practice ambassadors. How to develop the telephone into the huge practice builder it should be. A checklist to gauge your facility through your patients’ eyes.

Program Areas


1. Visitor stay or leave a website in 4.5 seconds! Does your site invite them to linger?
2. Does your website reflect the doctor and practice uniqueness?
3. How to find the best designer/builder service for your practice needs
4. Online reputation, testimonials and other internet minefields to handle, avoid and resolve
5. Pros and cons of patients scheduling their own appointments online
6. Logos that can support or sabotage your website, business cards and other marketing tools

New Patient Experience…From “Hello” to “Yes”

1. Increase new patients’ comfort level with doctor before clinical needs are discussed
2. Patient education during the Exam/Consultation is an art, not a science
3. Balance hygiene needs and patients’ wants—legally and logically
4. Your clinical team’s important role in how new patients perceive the Doctor
5. Patients move from “Hi” to “Yes” within minutes of meeting Doctor – they just don’t tell us
Negotiating the Financial Agreement
1. Fees, payment options, all things money
2. Appointments and all things scheduling

Building your Referral Patient Program starts on the First Visit

Initial Contact
1. Telephone policies, procedures and etiquette to elevate patient service to the highest level
2. Answers to those 15 questions asked on the phone
3. Telephone Shoppers, second opinions – make a friend for life
4. Ensure your reception room presents a welcoming environment
5. Check list to judge how your practice can be viewed by new patients

Lost Patient Recovery Program

1. Find your “Lost Patients” – the best ROI of any marketing plan
2. The importance of an Exit Interview-get a pulse on your practice
3. Replies to patients who say “I went elsewhere, it was cheaper!” and other comments


Lennox Miller, DDS

San Gabriel Valley Dental Society

Your presentation to our society was outstanding. Everyone had a great learning experience mixed with good humor and fun. The seminar was so popular it was necessary to turn away even more who wished to attend due to facility size.


Greater Houston Meeting

A really hot group of clinicians, notably JdSG who gave 4 different lectures on 4 different subjects: (‘Dental Team Strategies’, ‘Dental Spouse’, ‘Time Management’ and ‘Communicating Financially with your Patients’). All are very good, as you might expect. She is a superb speaker with much take-home-and-use material. The ‘Dental Spouse’ seminar is limited to dentists and spouses and is especially relevant in today’s environment.