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HR: How to Attract, Maintain and Grow a Great Team

Doctor and Spouse Program Only

Program Overview: With little or no HR training in dental school, the new dentist can be forgiven for usually being legally noncompliant in HR law and not up to speed in good staff management. Every practicing dentist must be up to speed with HR legalities and the necessary skills to communicate with and manage their staff. Jenny is passionate about helping dentists get a handle on these two key management area of their practice. Staff can build or sabotage a practice’s future. Hiring and managing staff for four decades, Jenny has learnt ‘in the trenches. Learn from her personal experience to ensure you and the practice are protected.

Promised Outcomes: A detailed Blue Print provides structure, systems and legal needs to hire and grow the dental team. Special emphasis placed on communication skills dentists need to reduce doctor/staff misunderstandings, confusion, surprises and legal vulnerability. To protect the Program’s integrity, attendance is limited to dentists and spouse/partner. The Program is not open to staff.

Hire for Retention

Hiring quality staff is the best ROI a business owner makes in their business.

1. Design your hiring material to convey qualities/talents you need while exciting applicants to call your office first
2. Effective pre-screening techniques that allow you to pre-qualify applicants-focus on your needs, use your time wisely
3. Utilize effective/legal interview format so you learn more about the applicants-importance of the 2nd interview
4. What role, if any, do staff (or family member) play in your hiring process? Know the pro’s and con’s
5. Personalized Staff Manual offers practice legal protection, eliminates misunderstanding, builds team morale
6. Checking references is always worth investing the time. Know the guidelines to follow

Avoid Payroll Pitfalls

The law is unforgiving in this area-be aware of Owners obligations.

1. Overtime and Comp Pay
2. Salary vs. Wages – pros and cons
3. CE courses/travel issues
4. Attendance Records
5. Payroll – best systems and best date to process
6. Breaks and lunch rules

Manage for Harmony

85% of Americans are not excited about their job – make your practice different!

1. Regular and productive staff meetings are the foundation of building and maintaining team morale
2. Change is stressful-perfectionism adds more stress. Tips to help make change effective and fun
3. Performance Reviews- greatly improves morale and productivity, reduces turnover. A legal ‘must’
4. Job Responsibilities are an essential tool in hiring and maintaining the dream team

Address Staff Issues Promptly!

Problems do not solve themselves…they just get bigger!

“Frank, Fair, Friendly and Firm” is an approach business owners find essential to handle staff issues. This section addresses less pleasant aspects of HR management: termination, theft, sexual harassment, drugs, embezzlement, employees who quit, attitude are amongst the subjects covered.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our past attendees and organizers say:

Aviva Mapaankar, DDS

Santa Clara County Dental Society Program, February 2019

Very informative speaker on HR issues…an enjoyable lecture